The Temple of the Higher
Understanding Purging
James Adrian
      Many people sometimes find themselves thinking or dreaming about past events that they find disturbing. In some cases, this can be frequent and painful. Simply trying to suppress these memories can have psychological side effects and add to general unease and less-than-perfect moods.

      Purging such recurring disturbances is not the same as attempting to suppress them. Purging is not a method of forgetting. The aim is to be able to remember these events, for whatever informational value they may have, without becoming alarmed, upset, or sad.

      The blame or guilt, or injustice or loss, or whatever these memories invoke, must become inappropriate. They must be dismissed as no longer applying to you, as you are today. This may take a little work, as change often takes work.

      Certain realizations can very helpful. Fully understanding and appreciating how people get to be the way they are makes blame increasingly inappropriate. People become victims long before they become perpetrators. Deciding that you intend no harm, not even revenge, facilitates forgiveness and self forgiveness. Knowing how you became the person of your past is a part of it. Living in your higher self, where nothing inconsistent with love is felt, transforms your personality.

      Such considerations apply to yet another application of purging - the purging of destructive feelings.

      Let's take a look at what passes for human nature. Resentment, fear, envy, jealousy, anger, revenge, blame, hate, hostility, frustration, dismissiveness, arrogance, selfishness, and wishing for power over the choices belonging to others are widely regarded as natural to all people. Children play competitive games with toys imitating machine guns. They play King on the Mountain and Simon Says, cultivating a joy of power. Writers of cartoons condition children to cheer when a cartoon character is evaporated by a bomb. As of now, armies of countries have yet to engage an aggressor with non-lethal weapons. Competition is promoted as inherently more fun than constructive cooperation.

      This could be otherwise. As many agree, infants can learn a different path, but they imitate their parents. Add to that the wishes of those who have been rewarded for manipulating the culture toward bad ends. It seems that it might be a long time before people regard each other as cherished siblings.

      Those who do wrong are not to be hated. If we hate those who do wrong, we become haters who produce nothing good. We might wonder how those who do wrong come to be so misled. How indeed. To understand how, is to understand their misfortune. There but for the grace of God, go I.

      Recurring memories or dreams of misfortune or injustice or of regret for your own past actions need to be purged from the events and feelings that make up your life from now on. Thoroughly examining and reliving these events and all of their surrounding circumstances, and also grieving your preoccupation with them, will allow you to let go of those feelings and forgive.

      It may seem impossible, but you are in complete control of your future personality.


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