The Temple of the Higher
Living In Your Higher Self
James Adrian
      The destructive feelings we grew up with, and that we too often consider natural, are almost invariably copied from our parents and date back to when people prayed to God for victory in battle, as though God were the God of war. God is love.

      We are teachers - firstly and especially by example. Injustice should inspire solutions, not anger and indignation. If you reflect on all you know about how people get to be the way they are, then hatred, resentment, and blame become increasingly inappropriate.

      The energy that words impart can have positive consequences; but energy from words can instead be harmful. Whenever verbally attacked by anther, or you feel you need to stand up for yourself, don't be too anxious to stand up for yourself. Consider responding with genuinely peaceful observations - failing to make anybody feel defensive or challenged. You can usually say little while listening. There isn't need to think poorly of a person who is upset with you. You never need to defied yourself with aggression.

      Every perpetrator is first a victim - usually long before. Our help and love would come easily if we felt people to be our cherished siblings.

      Purging destructive feelings from your personality cannot be done by trying to suppress them. There must come a time when you fail to identify with those feelings and consider them, in all circumstances, inappropriate.

      If your beliefs, attitudes, feelings, behavior, reasoning patterns, and thoughts are consistent with love, you will be widely respected, and rarely resented.

      Understanding goodness is a very practical matter. Policies and behavior are perfected by caring about the wellbeing and happiness of every living person.

      The higher self never engages in feelings or thoughts that are inconsistent with love. Why engage in feelings that are inconsistent with love? We all have a higher self. Live in your higher self.


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