How to Care for the Temple of the Higher Self
by Maureen Kelley

July 22, 2023, upd 8/23/2023

     Caring for the Temple of the Higher Self

      Care for the Physical Vessel

      We are totally in control of our body, our physical vehicle, and our environment. The only question may be which part of us is in control.

      At the first sign of discomfort say "thank you". This raises our vibrations. Shifts the attitude to gratitude. Helps us remember.

      Next, breathe. Breathe in. Breathe out. Focus on the breath. Go longer on the exhales. This tells the body it's ok to relax. If the air seems oxygen deficient, breathe in through the mounth and out through the nose.

      Focus on breathing as long as a need is felt. This may be a few seconds or several minutes, depending on circumstances. Allow the body time to recover. Avoid stressing the body unnecessarily. The notion of "no pain, no gain" is false. Pain indicates something is not right.

      There is a difference between pain and discomfort. Pain calls for a cessation of activity sooner rather than later, perhaps immediately, and then an evaluation before continuing. Discomfort calls for an evaluation of the activity and its effects, perhaps while continuing or pausing. Pain indicates injury. Discomfort indicates an imjury may be possible. Cessation of activity may provide a clearer view of the situation.

      Pausing when things are not going quite well is recommended in response to disruptions at all levels in all kinds of activies whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

      In general, taking breaks is suggested whether there is an awareness of a need or not, simply to avoid fatigue.

      Listen to the body. It knows what it needs.

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